After Alfrida

The first working week in Stockholm in the year 2019 and the first visits to Lill-Jansskogen provided quite a shock – the storm Alfrida really had left its marks; plenty of trees lying around uprooted, and many trees also cut into pieces because they had fallen across the path or on electric lines. But what am I doing in the woods now, in this new year? Well, I forgot about it at first, but I really started these visits only in February 2018, after the Chinese New Year, so of course I have to go on until the end of the year of the dog, that is, during January. As I mentioned in my last post last year, I am going to present a preliminary roughly edited version of these visits – or actually only one of them – at the Floating Peripheries – Sites and Situations conference in University of Lapland in Rovaniemi next week, and at our own Research Week at Stockholm University of the Arts on 22 January.

The work I am going to focus on is the third stop on my round, swinging and hanging from the tall pine tree. I began editing the swinging and noticed that at some point in late spring I had changed the frame rate of my recording. First I thought I had made a mistake, but realized I had actually changed it to make the swinging look better – probably someone had given me the advice, although I cannot remember who, anymore. I found a way to combine the two different materials, but the beginning, which is recorded with 25 fps looks more clumsy, while the swinging during the rest of the year, recorded with 50 fps, looks much smoother. In still images one cannot see any difference, of course. So here they come, the rainy day, on Tuesday, which seemed rather scary for January, then the chilly Wednesday, when there was ice everywhere, and the even more chilly Thursday. Only in the second image you can see some tree trunks in the foreground and some further away in the background.




Up on the hill, with the pine trees, the storm had not left that many marks:



These snapshots from the woods will hopefully give you an idea of the devastation:




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