Visiting Old Tjikko on Fulufjället

After sitting on Spruce stumps in Lill-Jansskogen it was an extraordinary feeling to visit their very, very old relative Old Tjikko on Fulufjället and spend a day together with it on the mountain. Camilla Johansson Bäcklund chose this tree, which I had never heard of, and we spent the day together with the spruce. More information about Old Tjikko on the website of the Fulufjället National Park.

It took quite some time to get up to the mountain and find the tree, so we started the rough time-lapse recordings, once every hour, only half past ten, and continued until half past seven, only, because we wanted to be back before midnight. I wrote a brief description of the trip on my personal website, here, and also transcribed my notes made after each recording, in Swedish, here.

I have spent days with trees before, but it was an unusual experience to do it with somebody else this time. To develop my experiences from “Performing with Plants” I have been thinking of a project called “Meetings with Remarkable Trees”, and even written one proposal related to it. It seemed like a very good sign to begin with a pilot project together with such a celebrity as Old Tjikko, which seems so small and insignificant, most of it clinging to the ground. Clone or not, the age of 9950 year is simply amazing!


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