A small fruit or a big berry

Now it’s done, despite all my doubts – a new photo series is begun, with a small, dry and hard fruit I have collected somewhere, I can no longer remember where. – I thought of it when I looked for alternatives to the small stone with the red arrow that I have played with for several years (here). – Now, it is time for something new, which will suit my project Performing with plants. I have hesitated regarding this fruit because I no longer remember what kind of bush or tree produced it, and because the golden star I drew on it right after New Year feels slightly silly or somehow inarticulate. Furthermore, I have no clear idea where, in what kind of places, the dry fruit should placed in. The arrow on the small stone was always pointing at some form of water, but this object should perhaps rather look for somewhere to grow roots and thrive. The two first images of it were used simply as “plants of the day” on tumblr – that is a kind of photo diary with images of all kinds of plants and things made of plants that I have continued with for a year (here) and shall go on with (here). I have not been sure whether this fruit or seed ball would work as a project of its own. Today I looked at it, however, and noticed that it had lost the remains of its petals, which made it look like a giant rose hip. Now it is simply a ball. I took an image of it in the snow, which looked quite alright, so I posted it on instagram, and immediately realized, that was it! Now I had commenced a new series, partly by mistake, and unless I remove the image there is nothing else to do but to go on and see where it this takes me…


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Annette Arlander


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