Performing with Plants – Final Report

Unfortunately I cannot visit Stockholm right now, in these Corona times, despite returning earlier from an ARA (Arts Research Africa) residency in Johannesburg, because I am sitting in quarantine in Helsinki. Thus, I cannot visit the small pine on Hundudden (see image above) that I made acquaintance with in the beginning of the year. But, I have written the final report for the project “Performing with Plants” to Vetenskapsrådet, the Swedish Research Council, in Swedish. It is available in the project archive on the Research Catalogue, at the end of the time line. I add it directly here, too, for those who read Swedish: Slutredogörelse KF 2020-Arlander. Some of the articles are yet to be published and will come out at some point. And I do hope to use the video material in future exhibitions. In fact, however, I am already in the midst of a new project, “Meetings with remarkable and Unremarkable Trees”, which is a further development of the previous project. It has nevertheless a new blog, Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees  and a new archive on the Research Catalogue, here. The small pine on Hundudden is actually part of that new project. I do hope to be able to visit it again, soon …

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