Performing with Plants – A Summary of Year 2019

The year 2019 was the third year of the artistic research project Performing with Plants, funded by the Swedish Research Council and hosted by Stockholm University of the Arts, although 2019 was actually the second year, because I began the project at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies during 2017 and commenced for real in Stockholm only in January-February 2018. What I have done in practice is archived – mainly in the form of still images – on the Research catalogue, here. The most important parts I made in Lill-Jansskogen in 2018. This year I only visited one tree regularly, namely a Tatarian maple in Nobelparken, see here. The Stockholm Tree Calendar that I recorded in 2018 has been shown as a calendar on a screen in the entrance on Linnégatan; the material is gathered here. The other experiments have been various, and they are all on the RC as well, here

During the year I organised two small seminars in connection with the project:
Working with the Vegetal III, seminar at Stockholm University of the Arts 4.4 2019, see program here .
Working With the Vegetal IV, seminar at Stockholm University of the Arts 17.10.2019, see program here.
And then a concluding seminar 11.12. 2019 with professors Ellen Røed and Rebecca Hilton as commentators. There I showed two of my video works as examples of what I have been doing during the project, the semi-academic video essay Hanging in a Pine – With Text (19 min 31 sec), here, and the video work Year of the Dog in Lill-Jan’s Wood (Sitting in a Pine) – with text (16 min 50 sec), here, which I probably should call “Dearest Pine” due to the text. The seminar was also the publishing event of the picture book Att Uppträda med Träd – Performing with Trees. X-position n 6. Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola 2019.

Most of the texts published in 2019 deal with older works, although a few things I have already published on performing with plants. Publications on performing with plants where the material from Stockholm is central are few (so far):
“Visiting a Tree” in Mari Mäkiranta & Maiju Loukola (eds.) Voices: Floating Peripheries Conference 2019 – Site and Situation, see here.
“Performing with a Pine Tree” in Ziegler, Denise (ed.) I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience. Experience and experimentality in artistic work and research. The Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, 2019, 15-26.
“Performing with Plants – Appearing with Elms and Alder”, in Mika Elo, Lea Kantonen  & Petri Kaverma (eds.) Etappeja – Kuvataideakatemian tohtoriohjelma 20 vuotta / Waypoints – The Doctoral Programme at Academy of Fine Arts 20 Years 2019,  33-56.

Articles about performing with plants or trees where I use previous works as examples, however, published in 2019, are more numerous:
“Performing with Trees and the Tide – A Diffractive Reading”, Research in Art Education 3/2019, 14-46, see here.
“Authentic trees? – Artistic research, non-human collaborators and the documentary”, in Quaresma, José (ed.) Research in the Arts. Authenticity, Polymathy and Dissimulation. Lissabon: Museo Archeologico, 83-98.
“Performing as a tourist – with trees”, in Terese Longva & Rita Marhaug (eds.) Between Sky and Sea V: Tourist. Bergen: performance Art Bergen and PABLISH 2018, 128-149.
“It rains – it thinks – it dances”, in Johannes Birringer, Josephine Fenger (Hg./eds.) Tanz der Dinge/Things that dance. Jahrbuch Tanzforschung 2019. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 187-191.
“Resting with Pines in Nida – attempts at performing with plants”, Performance Philosophy vol 4 (2) 2019, 452-475, se here.
“Breathing and Growth – performing with plants”, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices Volume 10. Number 2.2018, 175-187.

Obviously I have discussed the topic – performing with plants – in other contexts, too, such as in the research project How to do things with performance. A summary, in English, of everything I have done during the year as well as other publications from 2019 are available on my home page, here.

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