Rainy Day with Full Moon

Only one visit to the Tatarian maple this week, and in drizzling rain. When arriving at the shore I noticed the microphone did not work, obviously the battery was finished. Luckily there is an in-built microphone in the camera, so I could use that. After sitting on the wet branch, feeling the dampness creep onto my skin through my clothes and all the droplets on my face, I returned to the camera only to notice that it had stopped. Did I forget to turn it on? No, “memory full”.  So, what else to do but to erase some old takes and go to sit on the branch a second time. This time the rain seemed heavier and the wind seemed colder, of course. The weather did not feel like December, though.

And only writing this did I notice that I am using English this time; usually, this year, I have written these notes in Swedish. Anyway, no wonder I am slightly out of balance, because this week has seen the “finale” of my project, on some level. On another level, of course not; I will be visiting the Tatarian maple until the middle of January 2020. And surely some other trees, too.

This was not the last image of the maple and me, not even the last one before the Christmas Holidays; I think there will be chance to make one more visit next Monday.

The feeling of a “finale” this week comes from some important events, like presenting the split-screen triptych “Swinging – With a Pine – Hanging” (15 min 28 sec), which is part of the exhibition I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience Experience and experimentality in artistic work and research  at Kuva Research Days in Helsinki on Tuesday. And even more of a final event was the seminar at Stockholm University of the Arts on Wednesday, a whole afternoon, where I was presenting my work, two of the videos with text. The works I showed where “Hanging in a Pine – with text” (19 min 31 sec) and “Year of the Dog in Lill-Jan’s Wood (Sitting in a Pine) with text” (16 min 50 sec). Professors Ellen Roed and Becky Hilton had prepared comments. The discussion was great, with many ideas for me to think about in the future. And that context was also the publishing event of the bilingual picture book Att Uppträda med Träd – Performing with Trees. I was afraid that it would be somehow arrogant to make a picture book of video stills, but now when I saw it, I am very happy about it.


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