Winter Feeling

Three days of cold in a row – and more to come! The paths are covered with ice, and really slippery; luckily I have ”winter tires” to add onto my heels. They stop me from sliding quite well, provided I walk in a funny way hitting my heels into the ground on every step. The image above might seem like the remains of some Christmas trees still withering away in heeps in street corners. They are, however, the remains of one of the many spruces felled by the storm Alfrida, right next to the site of the tripod on the second stop on my walk in the woods.

This weekend I have had a lot of exercise, due to my ”double practice”, beginning with my walk in the woods in Lill-Jansskogen, then continuing to Nobelparken to visit my new tree for this year, stopping for lunch on the way, and then returning back to DOCH to upload the images. During this weekend I stopped at Linnégatan, too, and now I have moved all my things there – they were not so many, though. The only thing remaining by my old desk (except the stuff in the locker) is the house plant I bought when I installed myself there this time last year. At Linnégatan I have a big room on my own, and it is convenient to be near the seminar spaces. I will miss the atmosphere at DOCH, I guess, and the woods. But there will be new things… that is something I have learned to like by now, change!

Perhaps that is why I am so attached to repetition as a method or tool; when everything changes, it is nice to keep some things fixed, at least for a while, like a year. But on the other hand I have really exhausted this method; since several years I have been looking for some new approach. If I cannot find a useful alternative to these rough time-lapse works, at least I should focus on shorter time periods, like a day and night.

There are only a few more sessions to do this year, the year of the dog, and then I will start editing the material and thinking of some possible text or music to add to it. So, rather than planning how to produce more material, I should try to look at what could be done with the material that I already have gathered.

Here are the usual images, in winter light:




And then the ones with some movement, with the old pine on the hill:



A first raw edit of these ones with the old pine – but only up to Christmas – I presented at the conference in Rovaniemi in the beginning of the week and they are the ones I will show and tell about tomorrow and on Wednesday at the Uniarts research week.



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