Performing with Plants in 2018 – a summary

Year 2018 was the second year of the artistic research project Performing with plants, funded by the Swedish Research Council, although in actual fact it was the first year, because I began the project at Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies in 2017 and really started working in Stockholm only in January-February 2018. The practical work I have archived – mostly as still images – on the Research Catalogue, here. The main parts are the repeated visits to specific spruce stumps and pine trees in Lill-Jansskogen and the singular encounters with trees for the Stockholm Tree Calendar as well as “other experiments”.

This year I organized two small seminars:
Working with the Vegetal – seminar at Stockholm University of the Arts 23.5 2018, se program here.
Working With the Vegetal II, seminar at Stockholm University of the Arts, Linnégatan 87 on 29.11.2018, se program here.

Most of the texts that have been published in 2018 are concerned with earlier work, although something small has already come out on performing with plants.

Publications on performing with plants:
— “Artistic Research as Situated Practice – Performing with Lichen” in José Quaresma (ed.) Investigação em Artes – A necessidade das ideias artísticas / Research in the Arts – The need for artistic ideas, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa 2018, pp 27-42.
— “Performing with Plants” in Leena Rouhiainen (ed.) Perilous Experience CARPA 5 Colloquium Proceedings, Nivel 09 2018 here

Presentations and events on performing with plants:
– “Artistic Research as Situated Practice – Performing with Lichen”, video lecture at the conference and book release Research in the Arts – the need for artistic ideas, at Museo Arceologico de Carmo, Lissabon 27. 11.2018
– “Performing with plants” in the series Frank Professors, Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition Laboratory, 9.10.2018.
– “Rainy Day in Rekdal”, installation and presentation at the symposium Tanz Der Dinge / Things that dance at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 5-7.10.2018.
– “Trees in Victoria“. Summer exhibition in the old Telegraph on Harakka Island 3.-12.8.2018.
– “Puiden kanssa Helsingin puistoissa” [With Trees in the Parks of Helsinki], presentation at the Finnish Urban Studies Conference, Tieteiden talo [House of Sciences], Helsinki 3-4.5.2018
– Video and presentation at Radical Relevances conference, Aalto University 25-27.4. 2018.
– Installation of “Rainy Day in Rekdal” and “Grey Day in Rekdal” at the Learning Center of Aalto University during the conference Radical Relevances 25-27.4.2018
– Presentation at the open seminar of Research in Arts and Experience at Aalto University 26 .3.2018.

Of course I have touched at the topic – performing with plants – in other contexts, too, for instance with the research project How to do things with performance. A summary of everything else I have done during the year as well as my other publications is available on my website, here.

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