More Snow

For the two last visits in Lill-Jansskogen this year, the surroundings were as beautiful as you could wish – fluffy snow on the branches, like in a Happy Holidays greeting card. The calm weather, just around zero degrees celsius, makes the snow thick and wet and sticky, and because there is no wind, it stays on the branches. Every now and then you can hear a muffled sound and see some wet snow falling heavily to the ground, and if you happen to touch a twig you might start a miniature avalanche. This kind of white covering makes everything beautiful and most people happy. With the escalating climate change these moments of winter feel exceptionally rare and precious.

My first blog post describing these walks in Lill-Jansskogen, in English, is from 21 February 2018 and titled In the Snowy Woods. I started the practice at the time of the Chinese New Year, on February 16th, and described it in a post in Swedish called “Begynnelsen på Hundens år” (the beginning of the year of the dog). After that I have written in English for the rest of the year. And since I did not begin at the ordinary new year, on the first of January, I cannot finish at the end of the year, but will continue until the end of the year of the dog, on the 3rd February 2019. These visits today and yesterday were the last this year simply because I am traveling over the holidays.

Although the visits will continue in January, I will also try to edit some preliminary versions of the material in order to have something to show at the Floating Peripheries conference at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi on 14-16 January, and at the Research Week at Uniarts in Stockholm 22-25 January.
I might start something else in January, too, perhaps look for a tree to visit near Linnégatan, because I will move there at some point in January. My project is half-way done, one full year remains, and I should devote that to writing, but I probably cannot resist my impulse to continue my practice in some small-scale manner. Anyway, that is a problem for next year…

Here are the Christmas card images for Tuesday:

And the ones for Wednesday:

Not to forget the usual swinging and hanging images:


And here are some fairy tale photos to celebrate the season:

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