Rainy Days

Three sessions a week seems to have become the ideal for my walk in the woods,  I realized, now, when only three months of the practice remains to complete. Three sessions simply, because three images are easily compiled in groups on the blog, and more importantly, because three sessions are usually fairly easy to fit in within a week, despite travels and seminars and other program. This week I spent Monday and Tuesday in Bergen, Norway, at the always inspiring Artistic Research Forum, and Wednesday morning, before the writing seminar with John-Paul Zaccarini at Linnégatan in the afternoon and the opening of Bogdan Szyber’s Museum of Artistic Research at Historiska museet or the Historical Museum in the evening, was spent in office work before I had the time to think. Thursday nearly disappeared, too, in an editorial board meeting in the morning and with Bogdan Szyber’s 80% doctoral seminarium in the afternoon, but this time I was prepared for the task and rushed to DOCH as soon as it ended to be able to make my walk in the woods before nightfall – despite the rain. On Friday I had finally time to make my own schedule, and could have made my walk during the sunny morning hours, but chose to leave till after lunch and well – there was the rain again! On Saturday I took the train to Karlstad and visited Avant film festival 2018 “Doing Haut and Pope: Loophole Cinema and More”, watching experimental films all day. Especially the live actions – some form of expanded cinema – in the evening where fascinating. And I did love all the action-based ”handmade” films by Bea Haut. Returning to Stockholm on Sunday, my first thought was to go and complete my third walk in the woods. And this time, surprisingly, no rain – it started later in the evening – only a chilly wind. So, here are the images for  this week:

Thursday evening – in rain:

Friday afternoon – in rain:

Sunday afternoon – in chilly wind:

And the images from the fourth stop (which is actually the third stop on my round) grouped in three.



And as a counter point to the over-exposed image of the pine needles above, some autumn leaves on the ground:

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