The Time of Mushrooms

Returning to my walks in the woods on Monday I realized the time of the mushrooms had arrived. Not that there were so many of them, but the yellow leaves here and there, as well as the damp soil and the moist air, reminded me of mushroom times. And there were some small mushrooms on the ground, like the ones in the image above.
This week I experimented with movement in two ways. First of all I took the camera in my hand and started to look through the lens again, and looking closely at the skin of the trees I am visiting. Especially the old spruce stump was inspiring, because of its deep crevices and varied surface. I also took out my little action camera and made some walks on the paths with it. I decided to try to create some sort of variation of my experiments in Nida on the Curonian Spit in September last year, which I compiled into a small video “Walking in Nida“. Probably these experiments will result in something else, but at least I want to try out alternatives. Despite my restless need for experimentation, I did my usual images, of course:





There were some big mushrooms, too, like this one, which grows on the smaller spruce stump, the second stop on my round. I usually try to sit so that I do not touch it, though:

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