Mosquitoes or a chilly wind?

On Wednesday afternoon, or rather early evening, I returned to DOCH after a seminar at Linnégatan and the weather was so lovely I decided to make my walk in the woods. The sun was still high in the sky, although the air was a little more blue than at midday, and it was still warm. On the shady northern slope the air was perhaps a little moist or something, because to my surprise there were mosquitoes around. A sure sign of summer, for sure. While walking amidst all the blooming trees and bushes I was missing the bumblebees and other insects, but not the mosquitoes. It takes a special type of concentration to sit still when mosquitoes are exploring your face, a type of endurance I guess. On Thursday morning it was windy and rather chilly, and around noon when I went out for my second walk this week it was raining softly – what a change! But the mosquitoes were gone. On Friday morning it was sunny again, but quite cold and windy, so no more mosquitoes either. Probably they come out only when evening approaches, if it is calm.

A nice sign was attached on a tree, with a plastic bag beneath it, (see image above) giving some good advise: take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time!

The sequences of images above – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – show quite some variation in light. Perhaps the differences are even more visible in the swinging images, which are combined after another:

At the moment of writing this I am in Uppsala, a city less than one hour north from Stockholm, in order to see some performance art at Revolve Performance Art Days, see here So far, it is probably Nigel Rolfe and his classic minimalist drawing action in black and white that I will remember. But there is a young woman called Samira Elagoz to go on stage in the city theatre tonight, so you never know…

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