Winter, or at least some snow

During a quick visit to Stockholm, Sunday to Monday, 19-20 November, I had  time to visit the trees twice. On Sunday afternoon the sky was grey and the weather chilly but dry; dreary November darkness as usual. On Monday at noon the environment had changed  completely due to snowfall during the night. The snow was not visible on the streets, but in the park it made a big difference, and turned the paths slippery, too.

On Sunday my mind was still filled with experiences from the PARSE conference in Gothenburg the days before with the theme Exclusion, which served as an umbrella concept for various topics. I listened to all the open key note speeches, which are now available online. And I followed some strands, like the one on indigeneity, which I am not really familiar with, but which Naomi Klein, through her book “This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs the Climate” has convinced me of being enormously important to all of us. Bringing with me Anna L. Tsing’s The Mushroom at the End of the World – On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins as something to read, prepared me for the choice of that strand as well. All open lectures were actually challenging in some way, although Marina Gržinić’s Exclusion and the Dead  is the one I remember best, because it provided such a remarkable ending. It was a real luxury to be able to participate without a presentation to be nervous about.

On Monday I was already focusing on my own work, inspired by the snow, I guess, and also planning for the future. I realized the year is coming to a close and remembered my first attempts a year ago, which are actually edited and available online as Sitting in the Beech. Could I invite people to sit in the Sycamore and video record them from the opposite side, thus showing their faces, and combine those images with a compilation of these images I have been recording, showing my back? To see what the background would look like from that direction, I took some photos (see the one above). And should I finally start experimenting with vertical imagery, which suites most tree partners much better than the landscape format? Why not? I began by making some snapshots of the beech at Djurgården:


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