Almost Sunny January

This was my second weekend in Stockholm this year, an the weather was great for sitting with trees, dry and not too cold, almost sunny today. In the same manner as during the previous weekend I made a session in Humlegården and at the shore of Djurgården immediately on arrival on Saturday, in the early afternoon, to be in time before the early dusk and its bluish light. And I made a second session on Sunday before noon at Humlegården and directly after that in the early afternoon at Djurgården. There the sunlight made quit a difference; people passing by cast their shadows on the branches. At Djurgården the line I drew with my foot in the snow to remember the place of the tripod from Saturday to Sunday last weekend was still visible as a dark patch on the ground, and made the adjustment of the image a lot easier. I hope I will slowly learn approximately where the tripod should be, so it does not take so long to find the proper place.

I realised that by sitting in trees I am actually recycling a strategy I have used before, during the year 2006 on Harakka Island in Helsinki. In Year of the Dog – Sitting in a Tree and Day and Night of the Dog I deliberately showed only my shoulder in order for the tree to have the central stage. The images I am making now are much more focused on me as a human performer, what a paradox!






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