Damp and Dark December

Saturday afternoon in Stockholm, wet snow everywhere, hard to say when the  snow turns to rain and vice versa. I headed first to Humlegården, around two in the afternoon and thought I would have plenty of time, but by the time I was at Djurgården dusk was approaching fast. Around three o’clock the light was diminishing; the sun was setting somewhere behind the thick cloud cover.

In Humlegården I made two “sittings”, one close and one further away. I was careless with my scarf; in the images you can see that it is not covering my back properly. In the close up version you can also distinguish the plastic bag I am sitting on. The image is strangely “soft”, perhaps the camera tries to follow my gaze and focus on the other trees in the park…




At Djurgården I was impressed by the black branches of the beech – I guess it is a beech, but I am not sure – and tried to frame the image in the same way as last time, only lifting it up a little, so my head would come into the picture. The result is something altogether different again. Perhaps I should accept that this weird snake tree with its boa constrictor -arms will always embrace me in new ways…




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Annette Arlander