First Attempt at Humlegården

As part of my artistic research project “Att samarbeta/ sam-agera med växter” or “performing with plants”, which I am planning at the moment, I have decided to choose three trees in Stockholm to perform for camera with and to visit repeatedly during a year. My plan is to begin with at least one tree in January 2017, although I probably will start the official VT funded project in Stockholm only in 2018. And thus I am looking around now, searching for suitable trees, doing some attempts, like the one today in the park Humlegården in the centre.

The first tree, one I remembered from my visit a few weeks a go, was not as easy to collaborate with, as I imagined:





The other tree, an old sycamore, which I noticed already during my first visits, and which seemed “too easy” at first, seemed to me now to be the ideal partner for this exercise:



I also tried to move the camera on tripod a little closer, to see if the sculptural form of the divided trunk could be used better:





More experiments next time, but I think this could perhaps be one of the trees, really…





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